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Full Electronic Timing System Rules download  here

The rule appertaining to the ETS and passed at our 2012 AGM was:-


(on the appendix sheet appertaining to ETS Rules - RULE 17  delete the words "and ETS must be checked on the day that birds are timed")


(in the Rule Book  - page 11 - RETURN OF CLOCKS -Rule 103 - please delete the rule as printed and insert new Rule 103. The rule will now read as



RULE 103 - All clocks set for a race of one day must be returned to the Club headquarters on the day that the bird was timed in if a velocity is to be awarded.  If a bird is not timed in, the clock to be returned under seal.

In a race of more than one day, and in the case of an electronic clock that shows clearly the date when the bird was clocked when a print-out is obtained, then that clock need only be returned to the Club headquarters at the arranged time and date for a strike-off.


(in the Rule book - page 13 - FOR A LIST OF ETS RULES PLEASE SEE APPENDIX AT END OF RULE BOOK  - please delete the statement and replace with new statement (These Rules formulated and passed at the Spring Meeting 21.3.09 with additions 10.12.11 )